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Nadia George is an award-winning Indigenous actor, activist, and therapeutic performance coach based in Toronto.


Nadia has combined her experience as a therapist and actor to develop supportive environments that contribute to well-being in the entertainment industry. Having worked on both television and commercial productions, she provides therapeutic and wellness skills to those on and off set. Nadia holds a Clinical Trauma Integrated Certification (CTIC), an essential resource for providing on-set crisis management and supporting cast, crew, and production team members who are working with topic heavy script content. Noteworthy projects include campaigns with Ronald McDonald House, and production support for Little Bird, a compelling new series coming to CraveTV. 


Nadia has gained recognition for her advocacy work on topics including Indigenous equity, environmental justice and mental health. In 2021she was the recipient of the Ontario Premier's Award of Excellence in the creative arts category, and named a Distinguished Alumni by the Georgian College Board of Governors. She is also an ambassador for charities including Water First, Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation, and The Child Welfare PAC. Nadia is passionate about education and awareness, and believes that is where real change starts.


Ontario Premier's award

2021 Recipient  for Creative Arts and Design category

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