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Nadia is shining a light on why implementing a therapeutic performance coach as a part of your production, is not just as asset to the film and television world, but rather a necessity.

Mind and Matter:
Bridging Entertainment and Wellbeing

Psychological safety, with in film and television, has been a large and much needed discussion, but one that has yet to gain traction in Canada. Nadia recently spoke at the Regent Park Film Festival about the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of not only cast, but crew and production members too. As an actor and public speaking, Nadia understands the impacts that storylines, long hours, rushed workdays and even co-worker contention can have on one's ability to perform.

With the discourse of mental health in cinema and television growing, Nadia is advocating and working with production teams to help them understand how they can make their projects and sets safer for all. With over a decade of experience working in the social services sector, Nadia has combined her experience as a therapist and actor to develop and implement plans for the entertainment industry that can create promote wellbeing, through supportive and Inclusive environments.

As a therapist Nadia's professional skill set is comprehensive, having experience in areas such as: dual diagnosis, concurrent disorders, trauma processing, addiction and mental health, conflict resolution, and performance coaching. In addition Nadia is a Certified Trauma Integrated Clinician (CTIC), and she educates others on the differences between being CTIC and trauma informed. It is important to understand how to appropriately and properly process trauma with individuals, so they can make space for the material they are working with. 


Having worked on both television and commercial productions providing therapeutic and wellness coaching to those on and off set working on, Nadia has gained valuable insight on how essential providing on-set crisis management and wellbeing support is for cast, crew, and production team members.


Whether working on topic heavy script content, light hearted romantic comedies, or preparing for a speaking engagement, people are still dealing with outside events, obstacles or health issues, having a therapeutic performance coach available for your team members can help to elevate areas of concern, and increase performance

capacity. *Noteworthy projects that Nadia has worked on in this role include, campaigns with Ronald McDonald House, and Little Bird, a compelling new series coming to CraveTV

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