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Nadia George

Nadia George - a Nationally recognized award-winning mixed Indigenous Actor, Activist, Certified Trauma Integration Clinician and Somatic-therapy Performance Coach - of Canadian and Salvadoran-Nahua background, is based in Toronto, ON. Nadia combines her lived experiences, love for the creative arts, and professional knowledge to advocate for clean drinking water, mental health awareness, and environmental justice. As a consultant and Coach she brings a wealth of knowledge and skill set to empower Individuals to capture their full potential through a trauma informed approach.


Being a mixed woman with lived experiences in the Child welfare system - and who faced the impacts of environmental injustice, Nadia recognizes the need for solution focused conversations where allyship and connection are the baseline of discussions to ensure evidence based practices and positive outcomes become the norm.


With over a decade of professional experience providing therapy and supports in the field of social services, Nadia has been called upon to consult in the corporate world and entertainment industry, and assists in cultivating environments that support the well-being of individuals at all levels, and help them reach maximum potential. Nadia has worked on television and commercial productions, providing therapeutic services and consultation, both on and off set. During consultations Nadia illuminates the benefits of a somatic-therapy performance coach who is certified in trauma integration, and the many resources that can be provided to support cast, crew, and production team members on both a wellness and financial aspect.


Nadia is not only an active voice, but has volunteered on the front lines delivering clean drinking water filtration systems to communities in need, facilitating water and environmental educational workshops, and Wellness workshops in remote communities. This dedication has gained her national recognition on topics including Indigenous equity, environmental justice and mental health. Additionally, Nadia is an active ambassador for charities including Water First, Child Welfare PAC, and the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation, and is the 2023 recipient of the Waterfront Awards for the community activism, the 2021 recipient of the Ontario Premier's Award of Excellence in the creative arts category, and received the Distinguished Alumni award by the Georgian College Board of Governors in 2020.

**Noteworthy projects include campaigns with Ronald McDonald House, and production support for Little Bird, a compelling mini series now available on CraveTV and APTN Lumi.


Ontario Premier's Award

2021 Recipient  for Creative Arts and Design category

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