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Somatic Informed Coaching

Nadia illuminates the transformative power of integrating somatic therapy performance coaching into your productions, public speaking endeavors, or workplace culture. Far more than just an asset, she reveals why it's an indispensable necessity for achieving peak performance and fostering a thriving environment. Ready to unlock your full potential? Discover how Nadia's expertise can elevate your success and well-being. Learn more...

Who would benefit from this?

  • Visionary writers, directors, and producers seeking to cultivate an environment of psychological safety for their esteemed cast, crew, and team members.

  • Forward-thinking acting coaches committed to implementing trauma-informed practices and fostering spaces conducive to healing and growth.

  • Individuals eager to deepen their understanding of the intricate manifestations of trauma and its profound impact on cognitive and physical performance, hindering our ability to reach our fullest potential.

  • Progressive organizations or companies aspiring to cultivate a culture of excellence and well-being within their professional ecosystem.

  • Novice public speakers or those grappling with apprehension in addressing audiences, poised to refine their communication skills and conquer stage fright.

  • Aspiring teleprompter users endeavoring to navigate public media platforms or the dynamic realm of film and television, seeking to overcome anxiety and deliver with confidence.

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*Noteworthy projects that Nadia has worked on in this role include, campaigns with Ronald McDonald House, and Little Bird, a compelling new mini series available on CraveTV and APTN Lumi

Mind and Matter:
Bridging Entertainment and Wellbeing

Nadia brings a fresh perspective to the entertainment industry, shedding light on the crucial yet overlooked concept of psychological safety. At the recent Regent Park Film Festival, she emphasized the importance of nurturing the well-being of everyone involved in productions, from the cast to the crew.


With her background as both an actor and a public speaker, Nadia intimately understands the challenges posed by demanding schedules, intense storylines, and interpersonal conflicts on set. As a seasoned therapist, she possesses a diverse skill set spanning dual diagnosis, trauma processing, addiction, mental health, and conflict resolution. Nadia's certification as a Trauma Integration Clinician (CTIC) underscores her commitment to fostering safe and supportive environments, particularly in the entertainment industry where sensitive material is often handled.


Recognizing the evolving discourse around mental health in film and television, Nadia collaborates with production teams to implement strategies that prioritize well-being. Drawing from over a decade of experience in social services, she has tailored her expertise to develop comprehensive plans aimed at promoting inclusivity and support on and off set.


Through her work as a therapeutic wellness coach on television and commercial productions, Nadia has witnessed firsthand the positive impact of on-set crisis management and the provision of safe environments for all team members. Whether navigating heavy scripts or light-hearted comedies, Nadia understands that external stressors can impact performance. By offering therapeutic support, she helps individuals overcome obstacles and optimize their capacity for success.

In a world where mental health is increasingly recognized as integral to overall well-being, Nadia's role as a therapeutic performance coach offers a valuable resource for production teams seeking to prioritize the health and performance of their members.

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