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Public Speaking

As a mixed woman of European and Indigenous background - who has lived experiences within the Child welfare system and has been deeply affected by the impacts of environmental injustice, Nadia recognizes the need for solution focused conversations. Where allyship and connection are the baseline, and having discussions that create actionable change and positive outcomes become the norm.


Nadia combines her lived experiences, love for the creative arts, and professional knowledge, to advocate for clean drinking water, mental health awareness, and environmental justice.


Nadia is also shining a light on why implementing a therapeutic wellness coach as a part of entertainment productions, is not just an asset to the film, television and commercial world, but a necessity.


"Through education and awareness comes change"

Nadia George

Nadia George public speaking

Recent Events

Film Reel

Toronto SPF22

Nadia hosted the 2022 Sustainability Production Forum in Toronto presented by Ontario Green Screen, MBS Canada, and The academy of Canadian cinema and television, and was honoured to be a part of such an important movement. Find more here


Regent Park Film Fest '22

In this industry session, Nadia joined as a panelist to discuss the need for mental health resources and self-care in the workplace, for productions with big and small budgets. This conversation informed filmmakers and other creatives, on some of the new on-set roles, and how having a therapeutic performance coach is not just an asset but a necessity.

Current Community Involvement

"I want to be the role model I never had, and that's what all this is for" - N.G


As a WATER FIRST ambassador, Nadia gifts her voice and time to bring awareness to the programs that address water challenges in Indigenous communities in Canada through education, training and meaningful collaboration.


Since it launch in 2017, Nadia has served on the lived experience advisory committee for the Child Welfare PAC Canada. A registered Canadian charity that advocates for a progressive child welfare system.

Voice Ambassador

Nadia bringing awareness to Dreamcatcher's clean water program as one of their voice ambassadors. This program provides community funding for Indigenous reservations with unsafe drinking water and is committed to increasing awareness of this issue while providing short-term water filtration solutions until permanent infrastructure is built.


Nadia has been an Ambassador for Influencers MotiV8 since 2019. The organization works collaboratively with Northern Indigenous communities, offering programs like creative art workshops, that are focused on mental health, well-being and anti-bullying.

Speaking Clips

Speaking Clips

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