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As a vibrant woman with a rich heritage blending European and Indigenous roots, Nadia's journey through the labyrinth of the Child welfare system and her profound encounters with environmental injustices have ignited within her a fervent call for change.

Drawing from her diverse background and intimate understanding of societal challenges, Nadia champions solution-focused dialogues. She envisions a world where allyship and genuine connections form the bedrock, where conversations not only spark actionable change but also yield transformative outcomes.

With a kaleidoscope of lived experiences, a passion for the arts, and a reservoir of professional expertise, Nadia lends her voice to critical causes: advocating for clean drinking water, destigmatizing mental health, and fighting for environmental equity.

But Nadia's vision extends beyond advocacy; she illuminates the necessity of integrating somatic therapy coaching into workplaces and the entertainment industry. From the silver screen to corporate boardrooms, she underscores that somatic therapy isn't just an asset—it's an indispensable tool for personal growth, organizational resilience, and creative expression.

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Speaking Clips

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