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Kiran Kumar - Founder of Crossbow Canada

I had the wonderful opportunity to have Nadia George at a CrossBow Miles Canada event. CrossBow Miles is an
incorporated non profit dedicated to educating women and girls in India. As founder and CEO, I have several
volunteers, who contribute to the cause. One of our main events was a Career Breakfast at an Oakville
high-school. Several successful individuals spoke about their career paths and answered any questions in a panel.
We opened with Nadia’s speech. Personally, I had invited Nadia due to her impressive achievements in media; I
had followed her on instagram for quite sometime and she was a fairly well known public figure. I was less
familiar with her great public speaking persona. Nadia had very short notice for this speech, yet was able to pull it
off only referencing her notes to honour the land. It was apparent to me, and I’m sure several others, that she was
in her element. What was more exciting than this wonderful speech was the moment when she responded to my
direct message in instagram agreeing to attend and speak. I had messaged her as a long shot just two days before
the event and the fact that she was so kind and receptive is exactly what Nadia is about.
Nadia really emphasizes her desire to do and achieve great things; without hesitation I would like to recommend

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