Public Speaking

"Through Education and Awareness Comes Change" - NG

Nadia combines her lived experiences, love for the creative arts, and professional knowledge to advocate for environmental justice, empower youth, and uplift Indigenous voices.

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Current Community Involvement

"I want to be the role model I never had, and that's what all this is for" - N.G



Nadia has recently announced her official partnership with WATER FIRST as their very first ambassador. This NGO helps to address water challenges in Indigenous communities in Canada through education, training and meaningful collaboration.


Since it launch in 2017, Nadia has served on the lived experience advisory committee for the Child Welfare PAC Canada. A registered Canadian charity that advocates for a progressive child welfare system.

BIPOC Mentor

Founded in 2020, Nadia became a member of the BIPOC Commitee for Toronto’s LB Acting Studio, where she serves as a Mentor for new or novice Indigenous actors navigating the world of film and television.


Nadia has been an Ambassador for Influencers MotiV8 since 2019. The organization works collaboratively with Northern Indigenous communities, offering programs like creative art workshops, that are focused on mental health and well-being.


Educational Services

Nadia is an experienced public speaker and educator offering a range of professional services. Learn more about the options She provides below and feel free to book the service that best suits your needs.



One of Nadia's most in-demand services, are her workshops. These are always a joy and a thrill for Nadia, as she gets to really dig into the topics, share her knowledge and engage in discussions. Her schedule fills up quickly, so please book a session at your earliest convenience so you can start working together. Workshops vary, hit book now to gain access to what she is currently offering.